Tips for Energy Saving Coolers

See How Window Evaporative Coolers Can Help You Save Costs!

If you are seeking for an evaporative cooler that is energy and cost efficient. and do not require portability offered by portable evaporative coolers. than window evaporative cooler units may be just right for you.

Cost benefits arise as ducting is not required for the installation of Window Evaporative Coolers. in addition to the lower energy consumption of up to 80% of a standard air conditioner. Thus. this translates to total energy cost savings of up to $250 a year on your electricity bills. mccoy cooler

Window Evaporative Coolers are highly suited for homes located in hot and dry climate. as the humidity of the air that has passed through the evaporative cooler is increased. in addition to being cooled. As the name suggests. these coolers need to be smaller than other types of evaporative coolers in order to be fitted onto windows.

Adobeair Window Evaporative Coolers With Great Exterior Design

One of the more prominent window evaporative cooler brands is the AdobeAir range of Evaporative Coolers. The MasterCool range features evaporative coolers with remote control units. and an easy to install mounting stand. Alternatively. the AspenAir range of evaporative coolers incorporates a more attractive exterior design with adjustable louvers to facilitate multi-directional air flow in the room. Yet another range is the SlimLine range which offers powerful cooling function combined with a slim form factor and an open grille for added usage flexibility.

Coolmax Window Evaporative Coolers With Low Noise Levels

For the consumer who values utmost quietness in the room. the Coolmax window evaporative cooler would be just the right choice! As there is no compressor in these units as compared to air conditioner. the noise level is greatly reduced. The only noise that can possibly be generated from this window evaporative cooler would probably be from the fan. However. as the fan is placed outside the room. the whirring fan sound is also minimized. What’s more. this cooler has an option to run on solar powered energy as opposed to electricity. which translates to even greater cost savings for the user.

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