Realme C25S The Low Budget Ideal For Capturing Beautiful Videos and Photos


With the popularity of quad core processors and devices, Realme C25 has been a favorite among netbook users. It is the ultimate solution for netbook users who would like to enjoy the benefits of desktop computing without having to buy a new machine. However, not all netbook computers are compatible with the Realme C25. The reason behind this is that the SoC and the CPU have some different specifications. Before you decide to buy your own Realme C25, make sure you know everything about it first. This way, you will be able to make the best decision whether to buy it or not. realme c25s

As compared to its older predecessor, Realme C25S now comes with a complete USB Type-C port. The improvements in Realme C25S as compared to the previous one seem to primarily be related to the new chipset. While the earlier Realme C25 came with a MediaTek Helio GGH processor, the latest model comes with the much newer and more powerful MediaTek Helio G Bryce. This chipset has an updated processor and is able to support various web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and others. As you can see, the latest update in Realme C25S greatly improves its performance when it comes to browsing. The major improvements in this regard are evident by the larger gap between the resolution and display of the images as well as the faster speed with which the pages are downloaded and launched.

One of the best features of the Realme C25S is its ability to act as a portable laptop due to its high-speed lithium ion battery. To power the device, it uses the standard micro SD card and offers a fast charging capability. To top it all, it also offers long-lasting gaming and music playback features along with the aforementioned fast charging.

With a large and colorful external screen, the Realme C25S comes with a brilliant backlit keyboard. The keys are large and pleasing to the touch. Another feature present in the Realme C25S is the front USB port which serves as an external monitor. If you are wondering if the product has a video camera, the answer is yes. You can connect your digital camera with the microSD card and take videos or pictures with your personal camera.

The Realme C25S also offers a high-performance, fully wireless video recording feature. It has an inbuilt video recording camera which offers two modes – one with a one-frame-per-second recording and one with a 30-frame-per-second recording. In addition, it also offers a system auto focus and video stabilization. This ensures that you get high quality video recording, even when you are not recording personally. The Realme C25S uses a 16.2 inch touchscreen and includes Windows OS support.

The Realme C25S is a great compact camera for both amateurs and professionals. Its small size helps you take excellent videos without any loss of clarity and sharpness. However, if you are planning to use the camera for video recording, make sure that you buy the Realme C25S with a 2mp high resolution sensor and a high optical zoom lens. If you are looking for professional results, invest in the Realme C25S.

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